Wygram Nursing Home

Location: Davitt Road, Wexford

Description: Located in Wexford town, Wygram Nursing Home provides accommodation and care for 74 residents.  Integrated into the urban context of Wexford town the building fits withing the confines of its site while offering views out over the town.

The design of Care Facilities (including healthcare/medical centres, childcare/crèche and the likes of nursing homes) is an entirely distinct body of work in its own right. Extensive studies have been carried out across the globe, from which we have endeavoured to extract “best practice” direction and innovation.

Certainly, most competent architectural practices should be able to design a workable facility, but the success or otherwise of the finished product requires a knowledge that extends way beyond the design/building processes.  Although perhaps stark, it is indeed true to say that the specific needs of the very young and that of the old are entirely different to those we are accustomed to for most of our lives throughout the “in between years”. A designer must fundamentally grasp this concept and be able (metaphorically speaking) to “put themselves in the shoes” of the old, the young, or indeed the disabled if they are to have any appreciation of the exact needs of that which they are designing.

In keeping with our ethos of recognizing that our work truly does have a lasting impact on the built environment in which we live, the design of care facilities is one particular area in which we have by now acquired considerable experience and are pleased to put back into our community in a meaningful way.

Role: Design team lead, Architectural Consultant, PSDP.