Johnstown Castle – Condition Report

Location: Johnstown Wexford


The subject Johnstown Castle building was in the process of being handed over from the charge of Teagasc to the more recently formed Irish Heritage Trust and this Condition Survey was commissioned by the former party as a “snapshot” in time to create a record in considerable detail of the condition of the building at that point in time (June 2019).

It involved carrying out a comprehensive photographic record of each and every room within the building (including general overview of all wall elevations, ceilings, etc.), plus close up of any defects and/or features of special interest.

This culminated in a 300+ page hardcopy directory/report with almost 3000 thumbnail reference images, c/w with commentary on each and corresponding marked up unique photo identifier plan to properly locate each image. The completed Condition Report was then handed over in the aforementioned directory/reference image format, c/w identification and commentary on condition/notable features

This project involved extensive documentary work on the current condition of a landmark architectural project from the early 1800’s, requiring a high level of detail with regards to data compilation and related commentary. Such detailed familiarisation with such proves to be most valuable and cross compatible with other projects of a similar nature, construction and materiality

Role: Lead Architect for Condition Report