Church Restoration/Maintenance

Location: Rowe Street, Wexford


Working with such prominent public buildings as this requires unique skills and a large degree of sensitivity in relation to its original architectural fabric.

Restoration work often times involves a considerable level of research (such as assessment of the chemical reaction between different metals over time when examining the cross at the top of the spire, replication of handmade floor tiles, procuring of new stained glass windows, etc.)


Role: Design team lead, Architectural Consultant, Project Management

Lest we lose context, one must realize that these buildings have already survived for six generations and will, in all likelihood survive for centuries more – in that sense we are merely “passing though” as guardians of these structures, which were built to exacting standards at a time of general poverty and somewhat primitive technological means. We see it as an honour to be afforded the opportunity to learn from their crafts and a duty to try to walk in their ways, thereby playing our part in conserving the richness of our local heritage.