Carton Wood – Housing Estate

Location: Maynooth, Kildare


This was a very particular brief in the recent aftermath of implementation of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulation [S.I. 9 of 2014].

More specifically, it entailed producing a detailed book of details whereby the entire of the twelve elements of the Technical Guidance Document Set [viz., Parts A – M ] were stripped back to a 36-page project specific compliance guidance issue document, along with corresponding drawing issue set for each House Type.

This professional engagement culminated in a “back-to-basics” dissection of the entire set [TGD’s, Parts A through to M] of the Building Regulations (in this instance specifically relating to residential development. In so doing, it served as particularly insightful exercise to hone a strong working knowledge of Building Regulation implementation and compliance.



BC(A)R specialist design consultant; progressing drawings/specification from Planning Stage to full Building Regulation compliance working stage pertaining to the residential development of 136no. houses {comprising a mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced (8no.) Predominantly two-storey House Types} & providing Ancillary Certification upon completion.