Wexford Convent (Restoration)

Location: Newtown Road, Wexford


Purpose built as a convent in 1881, this three storey building had been diligently maintained over the decades, but well over a century on was neither immune to the ravages of time, nor indeed the technological advancements and improved comfort levels that have prevailed in more recent times.

Accordingly, for the first time in its almost 125 year history the convent was vacated in 2005 and devotedly restored (including specialist damp-proof treatment and building fabric repair works). As always when it comes to Protected Structures, we exercise the utmost of sensitivity, with such restoration work often involving unusual aspects of research on our part (procuring bespoke joinery work and brasswork embellishments in the Chapel area, etc.)

This vacation of the building also provided a unique opportunity to conduct extensive renovation works (including sanitary arrangement improvements, complete overhaul of electrical / telephone / data / security and heating installations, major kitchen fit-out, upgrading of insulation, etc., thereby offering all round improved levels of hygiene, comfort and energy efficiency and duly marking a significant chapter in the story of the building’s longevity.

Role: Design team lead, Architectural Consultant