Kilkenny Convent (Renovation)

Location: College Road, Kilkenny


Purpose built as a three storey residential convent building in 1894, it had been carefully maintained over the decades, but, latterly, with improved living standards and technological advancements, it was decided to undertake a major renovation in 2004.

Accordingly, for the first time in its 110 year history the convent was vacated to facilitate it being attentively restored (such works including specialist damp-proof treatment and various building fabric repair works). As always when it comes to Protected Structures, we observe tremendous sensitivity in ensuring that all works are both specified and carried out in an appropriately sympathetic manner and, in this case, involved working in close liaison with the Conservation Officer of the Local Authority.

This vacation of the building also presented a unique opportunity to conduct extensive renovation works (with the likes of improving toilet / bathroom arrangements, complete overhaul of all service installations, upgrading of insulation, etc.), resulting in a functional convent for modern times with improved levels of comfort, hygiene and energy efficiency, thus marking a significant milestone in the building’s restorative history.

Role: Design team lead, Architectural Consultant