Hotels, Leisure & Sport Facilities


Hotels, Leisure & Sport facilities are highly public of their very nature, which therefore bring with them a whole plethora of specific design requirements. In dealing with the public, Health & Safety considerations are foremost. Also, the likes of security considerations warrant special attention, plus durability in specifying materials.

In dealing with such a diverse populace of end-users, the ergonomics of building layouts and functionality must be readily apparent to all concerned. We see it as an important design requirement that such facilities should not cause confusion, particularly from the mindset of newcomers who would not be familiar with the building.

Allied to public considerations, we must naturally be even more attuned to our client concerns in terms of delivering maximum impact at an affordable price. It is in this area that our vast years of experience across a broad range of such projects comes into its own. By drafting up specifications on a routine basis over several years, we have built up a huge contact base in relation to manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of conceivable products that will deliver value for money and impress patrons alike.