Contemporary house overlooking the River Slaney

Location: Wexford


This 674sqm split level dwelling house in Wexford is located on a green field site overlooking the River Slaney. The design concept is to create two simple linear blocks orientated to maximise solar gain, natural light and views of the River Slaney. The first block is located at lower ground level and is cut into the site to reduce the impact of the development. This block is expressed with the natural heavy material of stone and creates an external viewing platform above. The second block is located at upper ground level and is expressed with light materials of timber and glass captured in a floating frame.

Utilising the existing contours of the site, the lower ground floor block is cut into the site to blend into the landscape allowing the upper ground floor block to rest gently on top and the natural background to pass through the building to create a very light and transparent dwelling house.